Tourism in Amravati

Tourism Experience in Amravati District
Amravati is a historically rich district of Maharashtra. Located in the central India on the Deccan plateau, this district had gained its significance since the British era. The state of Maharashtra has been divided into six divisions, with Amravati being one of them. This proves the significance of the district on Indian map.

Apart from its historical and economic importance, Amravati is a popular tourist destination with an array of tourist spots, starting from temples to natural waterfalls to beautiful wildlife sanctuary. One can visit this district with the intention of pilgrimage as well as adventure tourism.

Places to See in Amravati

The district has an amazing geographical variation, with valley and plateau to hilly region and plains. One third of the total geographical area is under forest land and is the home of three reserve forests of Maharashtra. The famous Melhat Reserve Forest is not to be missed as it is the abode of the last Indian Tiger of Maharashtra.
Tourism Experience in Amravati
To the south-west of this reserve forest is the Chikaldara Wildlife Sanctuary which is considered to be a part of the dry deciduous forest with rich bio-diversity. Wildlife sanctuaries like Gugamal National Park and Dharni-Kolkaaz, Ambaburwa and Narnala Van are few of the other adventure tourist places worth visiting. This huge forest area is the abode of various kinds of flora and fauna. Wildlife and bird watching are popular among the tourists visiting Amravati.

Apart from this Amravati is rich in historical conservation. The district holds rich cultural heritage of the powerful rulers like the Marathas, Bahmanis and finally the British. Gavilgarh Fort in Chikaldara taluk and Narnala Fort near Akot taluk are few of the examples of the ancient rulers and their rich history. The Narlana Fort is considered holy as legends say that this fort was built back in the time of the Pandavas of the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic.

The Amravati district is also popular for its religious spots. Many small and big temples are present and are frequently visited by locals and tourists. The Hanuman Temple in Wari, Dhargad Mahadev Temple of Chikadara are considered to be extremely holy. The temple complex are exquisitely made with intricate sculpture works, a must see while one visit Amravati. The Shridham Temple on the Rallies Spot gets crowded during Janmashtami every year. Located at the heart of the Amravati town is the Ambadevi Temple, devoted to Goddess Ambadevi.
Tourism Experience in Amravati
Few other renowned temples of the district are Shri Bhakti Dham Temple and Shri Ekvira Devi Temple which can see worshipers throughout the year. The district has got its own Iskcon complex known as Iskcon Amravati, popular among foreign pilgrims believing in the Lord Krisnhna. The presence of two ancient Talao (reservoir) which dates back to the nawab rule are the witnesses of the engineering marvel people had achieved during those days. Wadali Talao and Chatri Talao are the names of these reservoirs, and the state government has kept them running, supplying clean drinking water to the entire Amravati district.

Best Time To Visit Amravati

Amravati district has a tropical wet and dry climate with extreme weather variations. Summers are scorching hot and are advisable to avoid. Temperature goes above 45oC, thus tourism is not at all an option during this time. Monsoon starts from July with a very high rainfall. Tourists interested in adventure tourism should visit during this season, to view green nature at its best. The forest trails are amazing with hundreds of flora variety visible.

One must carry umbrella and raincoats to avoid the heavy showers. Hunting boots are a must for those who are interested in trekking and forest walking. Winter season is considered to be the best time with amazing cool weather, to make travel plans to this place. Jackets and woolens are required during this time.

Apart from this Amravati district has record tourists during certain festival season. During these times, there is so much rush that it becomes a challenge for the tourism and forest department to maintain the rich ecological balance of the district.

Entertainment and Shopping Experience in Amravati

Being an admired tourist destination, the government and administrative authorities of Amravati district have set up many entertainment avenues across the region. The district is huge with many tourism places. Adventure tourism is highly enjoyed over here. Jungle Trail walking and trekking are extremely popular.

The district also has few good movie halls and shopping malls for weekend entertainment. Prabhat Talkies, Chitra Talkies are some of the renowned movie theatres. Various art exhibition and local theatres operate in the central Amravati town. Rocking Arcade Shopping Complex and Javahar Mall are extremely popular among the residents of the district. One can enjoy shopping or watch a movie while munching popcorn in these arcades. Jawahar road, Ambadevi road and Takhatmal estate are some of the well known marriage shopping areas.

On a relaxed afternoon people can go for swimming or sit in the pool side with a glass of alcohol in some of the well known pubs of the city. The ambience in these pubs is quiet and serene. For the urban elite population the district offers good golf course, race course and recreational clubs for relaxation and entertainment. Amravati has its own Art and Living Foundation.

Food and Good Places to Stay in Amravati

Due to abundance of rivers and lakes, Amravati district has substantial availability of fish. People over here are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Jowar and Bajra are primarily used in daily consumption. Bread or roti consumption is very high over here. During festival seasons, certain traditional dishes made of groundnuts, tapioca and Vari are consumed over here. Cat Fruit is also popularly found during festival days. Some popular sweet dishes used in the district are Sira, Puri, Basundi and Srikhand.
Amravati has hundreds of good hotels, starting from luxurious bungalows to Super Deluxe, Deluxe and Semi Deluxe Hotels. For adventure tourism lovers, there are some good jungle resorts for tourists with all modern amenities.

How to Reach Amravati

This district is pretty well connected to all the main cities of Maharashtra through rail roads. Moreover railway connectivity is also present with the other metro cities of India. The closest station is the Amravati station, which is around 100 km from Chikhaldara, and 763 km from Mumbai. The National Highway 6 (NH6) that runs between Hazira and Kolkata passes through the district. The district has well maintained road network, which is helping the place with tourism and business opportunities. Regular state transport bus services connect Chikhaldara to Amravati, Nagpur, Wardha, Akola and other main cities.
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