Social Welfare Groups in Amravati

Social Welfare Services in Amravati
Amravati is one of the developed districts of Maharashtra. This district has grown from a tribal inhabited and village community to one of the leading districts with a considerable economic growth. The state government has played an important role in this development bringing in quality education, social and cultural life for the common people. This in turn has created avenues for new employments. This growth is mostly seen among the urban population of the district.

For the overall upliftment of a place, it is paramount that all strata of people should enjoy the benefits provided by the administration. This had led to the growth of many non government voluntary associations who are formed with the sole objective to serve the deprived through proper guidance and service. These non government organizations (NGOs) are engaged in various forms of social and welfare services.

Charitable Institutions Working Towards a Better Future in Amravati

Amravati district has many NGOs working day and night, devoting themselves in the betterment of the district’s overall health, education services, community development and many hindrances generally faced by the poor and the needy. These organizations are generally run by volunteers from the society and are funded by Government or big private players.

Few of the renowned charitable institutions are:
Welfare Organizations in Amravati

Jeevan Vikas Sanstha

In 1983, the Diocese of Amravati has formed a social centre to monitor the social service acts taken care by the volunteers of the Diocese. They have set up various schools, health centres, dispensaries, orphanages and vocational training centres across various geographical areas. The volunteers help the poor and needy with literacy, poverty eradication programs and other daily basic problems. Their vision is to build a just and sustainable society, by protection of the human dignity. The state government is also helping this organization with aid. Jeevan Vikas Sanstha are also into tribal development projects. In 2011, they implemented various activities in the Melghat Tribal region of the Amravati district like;
  • construction of village roads and bridges
  • land levelling and stone binding
  • construction of proper sanitation infrastructure
  • rural employment creation
The major achievements that this NGO have achieved over a span of 11 years towards society development are;
  • 714 children of the backward villages of Amravati are getting quality education
  • Literacy classes have been organised in 84 villages to teach the illiterate adults
  • 500 schools have been set up across Maharashtra, in different rural areas
  • 47 free medical camps and health check-up programs have been conducted
  • Nutrition kits have been provided to the malnutrition children of 47 backward villages
  • Farmers are being helped with supply of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides

Address: Diocesan Social Centre, Paratwada, Amravati District, Pin-444805, Maharashtra
Phone: 07223-221352, 07223-221576, 09422156032
Email: [email protected]

Apeksha Homoeo Society

Established in 1980 as a Public Trust, this NGO is in the Teosa block of Amravati district. For 25 years this society has been helping the underprivileged people with quality life. This society has a greater emphasis on women and children empowerment. This group started with few social volunteers, slowly transforming into a large group of organized professionals who are working day in and out towards society upliftment.

The key activities of the Apeksha Homoeo Society are;
  • taking care of the rural sanitation problems through formation of individual toilets, bathing platforms, garbage pits and soak pits
  • provision of free homoeopathy based medical services
  • watershed development program
  • financial support for poor farmers
  • women empowerment through self help groups
  • income generation models for women
  • child labour eradication programs
  • provision of nutritional foods for children
  • avenues of entrepreneurship development and income generation

Address: Gurukunj Mozari, Teosa Taluk, Amaravati District
Phone: 07225-224240, 07225-224100, 09422190811
Email: [email protected]

Social Welfare Services in Amravati

Navajeevan Bhauuddeshiya Mahila Mandal

Registered with the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra in 2004, this NGO is being formed especially for women development and empowerment. The main issues looked after by this society are;
  • education and literacy of women class, both children and adult
  • information and communication technology process
  • various vocational trainings to help women to be independent earners
  • poverty elevation and eradication of social discrimination for women
Address: C/O, IGM Computer Education, Kalaskar Complex, Shri Ram Chowk, Walgon Taluk,
Amravati (M.S.)
Phone: 0721-2386686, 0721-2569705, 9850597657
Email: [email protected]

Prayas- An Initiative by the Paul Foundation

Operating since 1994, this charitable organization is a brain child of the renowned doctors namely, Dr.Avinash Saoji, Dr. Ravindra Kolhe and Dr. Madhukar Gumbale. These doctors are helping other districts of Maharashtra along with Amravati with disaster management programs, children free education, nutritinon problems, poverty alleviation in the rural areas and various vocational trainings to help rural and urban dwellers with employment opportunities. Prayas has also helped Amravati district with its urban development projects youth affairs.

Address: Devrankarnagar Samarth High School Lane, Amravati District
Phone: 0721-2573256, 9420722107
Email: [email protected]

Like these Amravati district has a lot of non government organizations operating to make Maharashtra a “welfare state.” Some of the notable ones are;

Sulabh Educational & Social Society
Phone: 0721-2661156, 0721-2563127, 09823051047

Shri Maharudra Bahuudeshiya Sanstha
Phone: 0721-2563801, 07225-222839, +91-9422554669

Samidha Social Welfare Society
Phone: 0721-2678392, +91-9975225187

Saubiya Education And Welfare Society
Phone: 0721-2576390, 09766098595

Community Action For Rural Development Society
Phone: 07224-242445, 09822724939

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