Placement Consultants in Amravati

The Placement Consultants in Amravati
With industrialization, new job prospects have arrived for the residents of Amravati district. The state government has also tried to boost up this economy by bringing in new companies, in turn bringing new job scopes. This has led to formation of many good job placement agencies. A job placement consultant look at the prospective candidate’s credentials regarding their background, qualification and work experience, thus short listing them for any interview. They publish advertisements on website and papers, write mail to respective candidates and in turn attract these people for any suitable jobs. The pre-screening is done by these consultancies.

List of Placement Consultancies in Amravati

Here is a list of some good placement consultancies, who are offering a helping hand towards the students or freshers and employees by their new job scopes.

Universal Placement Services
Address: 2nd Floor, Gulshan Tower, Jaistambh Chowk, Amravati HO, Amravati - 444601
Phone: +(91)-9657861139

Paramount Consultancy Service
Address: Bansod Plaza, Near ST Stand, Matekdi Road, Amravati HO, Amravati - 444601
Phone: +(91)-9822713038, +(91)-721-2552946

Niyukti Training And Placement
Address: Amravati HO, Amravati - 444601
Phone: +(91)-9673353399

Molana Consultancy
Address: Shaniwar Peth, Naya Dayara, Warud, Amravati - 444906
Phone: +(91)-9373479165

Global Job Placement Consultancy
Address: Rana Complex, Congress Nagar Road, Rukhmini Nagar, Amravati - 444606
Phone: +(91)-9370158467

Aspire Jobs
Address: Near Someshwar Margadarshan Kendra, Rukhmini Nagar, Amravati - 444606

Job Mantra
Address: Near HDFC Bank, Next to: Bajaj Showroom, Rajkamal Chowk,
Rajapeth, Amravati - 444605
Phone: +(91)-8482961499

Narendra R Company
Address: Juna Bajar, Paratwada, Amravati - 444805
Phone: +(91)-9175572568

Shri Nath Naukri Margdarshan Kendra
Address: Opposite Kharedi Bikri, Chandur Bazar, Amravati - 444704
Phone: +(91)-9673879083

Job Square
Address: Amravati HO, Amravati - 444601
Phone: +(91)-9049496737

Medi Job .Com
Address: Dastur Nagar Road, Farshi Stop, Amravati HO, Amravati - 444601
Phone: +(91)-721-2563736

Vidarbh Jansangram Karlay
Address: Multai Chowk, Warud Tehsil, Amravati - 444906
Phone: +(91)-9370158467

Pahal Infotech Group
Address: Behind D-Mart , Badnera Amravati Road, Sai Nagar, Amravati - 444607
Phone: +(91)-9763864179

Phone: +(91)-8467095783

Billion Resources
Phone: +(91)-8130940667

Venus Placements
Phone: +(91)-7899020015, 9035301333, +(91)-820-4294770, 2526209

S R Consultancy Services
Phone: +(91)-9871450534, 9711905319

Inno J Providers
Phone: +(91)-422-6725253

Overseas Recruitment Consultants
Phone: +(91)-7566664808, +(91)-755-4061798

Jai Maharashtra Job Center
Phone: +(91)-7057581669, 9604242757
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