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Places to Visit in Amravati

Amravati is the head quarter of the Amravati division of Maharashtra and is the 5th most populated metropolitan area of the entire state. This town has grown from a historically rich place to a modern town and can be compared to all the advanced cities of the state. With this development, the place has not lost its ancient charm and is still visited by a large number of religious tourists every year.

Famous Tourist Spots in Amravati

Ambadevi Temple

Tourist Spots in Amravati

Situated at the heart of the town is the oldest temple of the district. This temple is just near to Hotel Indrapuri and can be reached by an auto rickshaw. The temple complex is huge with intricate old sculptures on the walls. This temple is believed to be built during the rule of Lord Krishna and as per local legend, Lord Krishna got married to Rukmini in this temple. Navratri is the time when this temple witnesses highest number of worshippers. A huge Mela takes place during this time and “Bhogs” are distributed everyday for nine days. If someone wants to visit to admire this temple structure along with Goddess Amba, then it is best to avoid the Navratri season. Continue reading

Rajkamal Square

Rajkamal Square is one of the most crowded part of this town with a huge movie hall present. This is a four lane crossing with shops and stores on both sides of the road. This square has got its name from the famous Rajkamal Theatre, which was the only theatre hall post Independence. Freedom fighters Adv. Dadasaheb Khaparde and Veer Wamanrao Joshi were the creators of the Rajkamal Theatre.

Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal

Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal (HVPM) is a must place to visit for tourists who have a flair for sports. This is a state of the art sports academy with modern facilities for sports like badminton, swimming, volleyball, football, roller skating, cricket, wrestling, gymnastics and yoga. Best time to visit this academy is during early morning or evening. One can take a guided tour of the place and even enjoy a fun game or two.

Wadali Talao

This Talao or Lake is located 3kms away from the Amaravati Camp, on Chandur Railway Road. This lake is beautifully maintained with manicured gardens around it. The Wadali Talao lake was built to provide fresh water supply to the Amravati Camp. The garden has a military camp look with a zoo at one side. Tourists can enjoy leisure boat ride with family and friends. Wadali Talao is also an ideal place for picnic during weekends.

Satidham Temple

This beautiful temple is situated in the heart of Amravati town, on the Rallies Plot. This temple is dedicated to Rani Sati Dadiji, whose idol placed here is a work of art in itself. The temple walls are decorated with colourful paintings of ancient history. Shree Ranisati Basant Mahotsav and Janmashtami are two of the main festivals celebrated over here. Tourists can enjoy the large fair which is put up during these times. Read more

Shri Bhakti Dham Temple

Tourists can visit this gorgeous temple of Radha and Krishna which is located on the Amravati Badnera Road. The temple was built by Shri Sant Jalaram Bappa out of his devotion and an idol of his is present over here. Adjacent to this temple is a small children’s park which remain crowded in the evening.

Tourist Spots in Amravati

Chatri Talao

This reservoir was built in 1888 with the purpose of drinking water supply to the Amravati town. With time, this reservoir has become inadequate and has been shifted to a different place. Kali Nadi flows through this place. People can visit Chatri Talao which is about 1km away from Dasturnagar Square on the Malkhed Railway Road, to see the old reservoir structure.

Tourists can enjoy few other attractions scattered around the central town, which are of immense historical importance. The huge Jawahar Gate portraying intricate Mughal architecture stands in the middle of the town. There is Jaistambh Square, where a small watch tower is visible with bright illumination at the top. Amravati also has got its own ISKCON situated on the VMV Road. Tourists can enjoy the gorgeous ISKCON Temple and take an inside tour, while offering prayers to Radha and Krishna. 

Various tour operators are available in Amravati town, with customized travel plans to the above mentioned place. A full day or two is sufficient to see all the attractions of Amravati town.

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