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Satidham Temple in Amravati

Amravati district is famous for its rich history. The district is so named as it is known as the “land of immortals” and is believed to be present from the days of Lord Krishna. People visit this district in search of the ancient forts and temple remnants, which depict the rich culture of the region during the time of the erstwhile rulers. Many of these temples dated back to the Puranas time and their construction dates are still debated.

Temples in Satidham

Satidham Temple is one of the divine temples of Maharashtra. Built on 10th July 1975 the temple complex is located at Rallies Plot, which is almost at the heart of Amravati central town. This beautiful temple was founded by Madhusudan Shivchandrai Jhunjhunwala and is a work of art. The walls are decorated with colourful paintings which depict the stories from Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata. The temple complex consists of three separate temple domes and resembles like the Raths of Jagannath Mandir.

The presiding deity of this temple is Rani Sati Dadiji, whose idol is made up of various precious metals with two big gleaming eyes. All the figurines of Gods and Goddesses are richly decorated with silk dresses and ornaments.

Hundreds of devotees visit the Satidham Temple every year. Shree Ranisati Basant Mahotsav is the main occasion celebrated with thousands of devotees visiting from various parts of India. Tourists can enjoy fairs held during that time and eat free “bhog” given by the temple administration. The temple also celebrates various other special occasions every year like the Bhadva Badi Mahotsav, Mahashivratri, Shri  Krishna  Janmashtmi, Fagan Mahotsav, Ram Navami  Mahotsav, Kartik Ekadasi Mahotsav and Masir Badi Mahotsav. Janmashtami is when a special annual fair is observed around the temple complex with innumerable devotees attending.

How to Reach Satidham Temple?

Satidham Temple is pretty accessible from all parts of the district. This temple is 0.4 km from Amravati Railway Station. Local taxis and auto rickshaws are available from any part of the town to this temple. If one is visiting during Shree Ranisati Basant   Mahotsav, then it is advisable to make prior hotel booking to avoid the rush. Moreover during this time public transport can charge a bit premium.

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